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AMApart is one of the largest suppliers of auto parts for foreign cars in China. Realization of starters, generators, fuel pumps, ignition modules, steering racks, steering pumps, steering oil seals, bearings and other components available wholesale or at retail.

AMApart delivers auto parts for passenger foreign cars...

Ultrasonic testing of metal materials has been widely applied.
Composite structures consisting of a variety of materials have to withstand high temperature, high speed, high pressure thermal ablation and erosion, the working environment is harsh, so each componen
New energy vehicle quality problems frequently encountered new challenges in the industry
China's new energy vehicle production and sales have ranked first in the world for three consecutive years. While the global attention has focused on China's new energy vehicle market and various forc


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New energy vehicle quality problems frequently encountered new challenges in the industry

China's new energy vehicle production and sales have ranked first in the world for three consecutive years. While the global attention has focused on China's new energy vehicle market and various forces have flocked in, the development status of China's new energy vehicle market has entered a new stage of pain and reflection. As the industry had expected that the new energy vehicle market will be painful with the subsidy downturn, and the reality is far from expected, the new energy vehicle market after the downturn did not show a significant recession, but still maintained a growth momentum. The new good situation has not lasted long. Recently, the greatest resistance to the development of new energy vehicles has shifted from subsidies to continuous quality problems of new energy vehicles, such as the recent frequent spontaneous combustion of Weima, Jianghuai, Lifan and other electric vehicles.