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AMApart is one of the largest suppliers of auto parts for foreign cars in China. Realization of starters, generators, fuel pumps, ignition modules, steering racks, steering pumps, steering oil seals, bearings and other components available wholesale or at retail.

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Ultrasonic testing of metal materials has been widely applied.
Composite structures consisting of a variety of materials have to withstand high temperature, high speed, high pressure thermal ablation and erosion, the working environment is harsh, so each componen
New energy vehicle quality problems frequently encountered new challenges in the industry
China's new energy vehicle production and sales have ranked first in the world for three consecutive years. While the global attention has focused on China's new energy vehicle market and various forc


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Ultrasonic testing of metal materials has been widely applied.

Composite structures consisting of a variety of materials have to withstand high temperature, high speed, high pressure thermal ablation and erosion, the working environment is harsh, so each component has a high degree of reliability, nozzle metal shell and non-metal bonding interface, due to the bonding work piece cleaning is not clean, the lining and the outer shell is not tightly matched, the glue layer internal gas It is very easy to produce debonding, especially large area gap debonding, which is harmful to the reliability of the products. Therefore, nondestructive testing of the bonding quality of the bonding interface is also the key process of the quality control in the production of solid rocket motor. The research of nondestructive testing technology for the parts and components of the motor has been widely used in ultrasonic testing of metal materials. Composite materials have the characteristics of high anisotropy, large acoustic attenuation and complex structure. Ultrasonic testing of composite materials and their components is a weak link. It was reported in the "Ultrasonic Inspection of Engines" that they had successfully inspected the bonding surface between the non-metallic cladding layer and the steel shell by the ultrasonic multiple reflection method. After years of research, the bonding quality of the metal shell and the non-metal bonding interface of the nozzle was inspected by the ultrasonic longitudinal wave multiple reflection method. It has been successfully used now. Batch inspection of products.